Manufacture process

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Manufacture process

Making of diecasting pan

  • STEP 01

    Raw materials

    Aluminum is the most important raw
    material for casting pans and pots.
  • STEP 02

    Alluminum Diecasting

    Melt aluminum and inject it into the mold to
    produce the body of the pan or pot.
  • STEP 03

    Processed sanding

    The appearance of the casting body made from
    the mold is smoothed with sand.
  • STEP 04

    Outside Coationg

    Cover the aluminum with the primary coating.
  • STEP 05

    Primer Coationg
    Mid, Top Coatinog

    The second to fifth coatings complete the production of the pan or pot body.
  • STEP 06


    Tighten the handles before packing them up and you're ready to go.

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